Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sustainable and healthy, not diet, lifestyle

No point wasting time with a prologue, here are a few really simple things I found that work and are really easy to practice. In fact I am documenting these for my own reference:
- Increase veg/fruit intake: Reduce (note it is reduce not remove) eating meals based predominantly around carbohydrates (cereals, toast, sandwiches, rice, pasta) to those based on fruit or vegetables. Example reduce 1 chappati put more veg on the plate and so on.
- Watch the dinner, time of dinner as well: Finish as early as possible and keep simple carbohydrates to minimum i.e. no to minimum rice etc. Reduce night meal portion increase morning meals, breakfast = big. Do more stuff like that.
- Related to the point above, watch intake of simple carbohydrates: Read this link and make your own list of food items
- H2O: Drink water. Even very mild levels of dehydration will slow the metabolism and can result in over eating by confusing signals of thirst with hunger
Simple stuff to start doing today and feel better and healthy

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